The truth about Patreon for musicians

Crosposted from my blog.

This began life as a thread on Mastodon!

If you're thinking about starting a Patreon, one thing to keep in mind: just because people aren't talking to you/looking at posts doesn't mean something is wrong.

Sometimes I get responses to broadcast messages months later. Sometimes I never hear from a patron for a year or more, then one day they like a post or say hello.

A lot of surface-level assumptions about the nature of patronage go out the window once you get into the reality of it.

I thought it was weird people were paying me $1 or $5 or $10 and not looking at what they were paying for. These are people I talk to on Mastodon. They know how to reach me if something's wrong!

So after years of it I decided that the "content" is not what makes most people sign up. It may be what entices them to click the buttons, just to see, but it doesn't keep them there.

It's hard to break out of the mindset where you have to dance for capitalist paymasters to justify your existence. Then there's the fun process of figuring out what you want to do because people are paying you to do it without expecting anything specific.

There's no invoice with a specific set of expectations baked into it. Still doesn't hurt to give them something extra. I'm making MIDIs and presets anyway while exploring music, so why not, right?

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