I made a vaporwavey video

Also: let me make a podcast intro for you!

Three things.

One: I signed up for Ko-fi Gold and started taking commissions. Right now, I have one slot. While I have what I think is a good idea of what to expect based on research, I do not want to find myself overwhelmed. The first few commissions will give me a better idea of how to arrange things. Go get a podcast intro here.

Two: I needed a new video to promote my work, so I put a nice little animation together with Cloud Rave.

Three: I think I mentioned this in the last email, but I’ve been learning to read and use notation. You can check out my sheet music jams here. These will probably become a Ko-fi supporter perk in the future. You get a 25% discount on my Bandcamp and Gumroad pages in return, plus discounts for your continued support when I post new products and albums. This is similar to the perk I offer on Patreon, but I want to move off Patreon in the near future.

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